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Nonprofit fundraiser & do-gooding activist | Social media addict & communications geek | Non-practicing alchemist & reader of obscure, ancient texts | Fan of beautiful design & pretty, girlie things | Not a fan of ants.

Passionate about social change, I’ve spent the last five years planning numerous nonprofit events such as auctions and gala charity fundraisers for a domestic violence shelter, walk-a-thons to benefit cancer research and academic conferences, symposia and workshops in addition to coordinating fundraising and communications campaigns — with an emphasis on individual giving and online communications, having raised over $1 million for local organizations to further their work while forming deeper relationships with their communities.

The point of this blog: To explore both ideas and tangible ways in which nonprofit work can be approached from the perspective of movement building, the nonprofit itself viewed as a force for social change rather than stand alone organization. Maybe, perhaps, to help expand the beliefs of what a nonprofit is capable of, and of what we, as the individual motors who power the nonprofit sector, are capable of.

Social change is possible, but we cannot wait for the recession to end or for our organizations to be fully funded or even fully staffed before we take action. Nor can we continue to view the organization as the end all, be all, competing with each other for precious dollars. The only real way to create change is for all of us to become passionate advocates for our causes, working together to build a movement towards progressive change. It is my hope that this space will be a place for those of a like mind to share and be inspired to do just that.


nonprofit provocateur :: instigating social change, one agent at a time

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